Jackson County Municipal Court

Mark T. Musick, Judge

Diana K. Morris, Clerk

Phone: 740-286-2718   Fax: 740-286-0679
295 Broadway Street Suite 101 Jackson, OH 45640
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM picture of court
Judge Mark T. Musick
Judge Mark T. Musick

Important Notice Regarding our Temporary Location

Due to the temporary closing of the Court Building in Jackson
The Jackson County Municipal Court
Effective March 11, 2019 we are fully operational at our temporary location:
Effective September 30, 2019 we will resume Court functions at the Main Courthouse Location:

120B Twin Oaks Drive P.O. Box 625
Jackson, Ohio 45640 Phone: 740-286-2718
Fax: 740-286-0679
Email: clerk@jmcourt.com
Hours of Operation 8am – 4:00pm Monday thru Friday
Court Fines may be paid at the Twin Oaks location, or online.
Over the next 2 weeks we will be in the process of moving back to the courthouse. Below is a tentative schedule:
  • Friday, September 13, 2019 the Court will be closed.
  • Monday, September 16 through Thursday September 19
    Mandatory Court functions (including payment of fines and probation reporting)
    will be handled at 120B Twin Oaks Drive
  • Friday, September 20, 2019 the Court will be closed.
  • Monday, September 23 through Thursday September 27
    Mandatory Court functions (including payment of fines and probation reporting)
    will be handled at 295 East Broadway Street.
  • Full Court resumes at 295 East Broadway Street on Monday September 30, 2019.

Phone and fax numbers will remain the same throughout the process:

Clerk: (740) 286-2718 Fax: (740) 286-0679
Probation: (740) 288-2175 Fax: (740) 288-2156

Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to provide access to and information regarding records held by the Clerk of the Jackson County Municipal Court and information regarding the operations of the Court. Our goal is to help you navigate your way through the municipal court system. The Jackson County Municipal Court computer record information disclosed by the system is current only with the limitations of the Jackson County Municipal Court data retrieval system. There will be a delay between Court filings and judicial action and posting of such data. The delay could be at least twenty-four hours, and may be longer. The user of this system is hereby notified that any reliance of the data displayed on the screen is at your own risk and liability. Information on the system may be altered, amended or modified without notice. If you require verified information as to the records of the Jackson County Municipal Court, you may visit the Court, located at 295 Broadway Street, Suite 101, Jackson, Ohio 45640 during regular business hours.

Legal Disclaimer

It is not the intention of the Clerk of Court 's Office or the Jackson County Municipal Court to offer legal advice through these pages or through our answering of questions. While knowledgeable about the operational procedures of the Clerk's Office and the Court, the Clerk, Deputy Clerks, Probation staff, or bailiffs are not attorneys and cannot recommend specific legal options, and their answering questions should not be construed as such. When in doubt about your legal status, you should consult an attorney knowledgeable in the area of law that you are inquiring about. It is also the policy of the Municipal Court staff not to entertain questions regarding any matters, via the internet or e-mail.